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Secure storage for your rare coins


Are you worried about storing your collection at home? Do you regularly buy and sell coins? We can help you manage your collection and handle all your storage and shipping needs.

For SMSF Help meet your compliance requirements by storing your investments in our secure storage facilities where we can handle the necessary work, such as insurance, valuations, and shipping, involved with acquiring and parting with your investment pieces.

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Whether you're a large dealer looking to offload your inventory management in order to save time and money, or an eBay seller looking for someone to take over all the physical work in order to grow, we've got what you need.

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Estates sell at auction for far less than their true value (e.g. show coins from Farouk, Remmick, Pridmore, Freehill collection that were resold for multiples of their original sale prices at subsequent auctions)

We can maximise your sale prices thorugh appraisals, third-party certification and recommendations on the best markets for different coins.

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